The Telecommunications Manager, with the support of the Administrative Secretary and the IT Manager, provides service and support for core telephone systems from the main PBX all the way to the desktop. The Telecommunications Team also works in conjunction with the Network / PC Team in the design, maintenance, and support of all network wiring and wiring closets.

The Telecommunications Team works hard to provide the following services:
  • Manage the Nortel Phone System, Octel Voice Mail System, and Infotex Call Accounting System, including hardware and software updates, troubleshooting, and maintenance
  • Administer all communications financial records and maintenance contracts, including all billing, phone changes (updates, adds, and deletes) for landlines, Centrex lines, cell phones, and Blackberry devices
  • Purchase, support, and maintain seven PBX’s, 469 landline phones, 98 Centrex / analog phone lines, 230 cell phones, and 35 Blackberry smart phones
  • Support and maintain the telecommunications infrastructure all the way from the PBX’s to the desktop
  • Train end-users for telephone, cell phone, and voicemail systems