Veterans & Active Military Projects

Community Development Division staff created a Veterans Project through the Billings Metro VISTA Project in July 2013 to address the needs of veterans experiencing homelessness and / or poverty. The intended result of the Veterans Project was to increase capacity of the local veteran service providers to secure funding to develop/continue services and ultimately increase the number of veterans that could be served.

Billings Blue
This project began in 2014 to support local military families through the expansion of services. The project was designed to support military service members by celebrating and showing appreciation for their service and to expand and enhance services. For information regarding programs, services and discounts, please click here.

Veterans Survey
VISTA members conducted a Veterans Survey in January 2014. The survey concluded that housing, transportation, and employment were the three biggest needs of veterans experiencing homelessness and / or poverty in Billings. VISTA members then created or expanded services to meet those needs. For example, a partnership among the Human Resources Development Council (HRDC), Family Services, Inc. and the Billings Metro VISTA Project was developed. The partners designed and implemented the "Suit Up," which provides men's professional clothing to veterans seeking employment.

New Initiatives
Effective in July 2016, one new VISTA project was created, Veterans & Military Members - Family Enhancement Services. The overall goal of this project is to alleviate poverty through: increasing economic savings through discounted goods/services; increase access to low cost food; provide assistance animals to disabled individuals and increase access to healthcare; promote the development of new programs to address educational, recreational, social and emotional needs of military and veteran families; and to provide access to healthcare services for 50 veterans, active military members and their families.