Access to Healthcare

Projects designed to increase access to preventative and / or health services for low income individuals and underserved populations to address significant healthcare problems including mental illness, obesity and health care for homeless individuals.

Available Positions Beginning in July 2016!

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Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council

Work to expand access to healthcare and addiction services specifically for Native Americans in the Billings region! This is an amazing opportunity to work with Tribal leadership to build capacity! Apply Now!

Red Lodge Area Community Foundation: Navigation to Healthy Futures

Create a network to connect people in need to resources and programs to change lives! Help develop a  comprehensive approach and work with community volunteers and service provider partners to increase access to assistance programs in rural areas. Make a difference while living in one of the most beautiful towns in Montana!
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How to Apply

Completing an official application will be the first step in becoming part of the Billings Metro VISTA Project!
Just click on this link to begin your journey! This handy checklist illustrates the step-by-step process in applying to become an AmeriCorps VISTA member.