City of Billings Initiatives

Community Development Division

  • Billings Metro VISTA Project Leader: Assist the City of Billings Community Development Division and 20+ VISTA members in impacting poverty and developing your skills as a VISTA Leader in Big Sky country! Leaders receive a higher living allowance ($40.31/day) and are provided with an additional $300 per month housing allowance. Candidates must have completed a full-year of national service and received "excellent" ratings at the end of their service year. Apply Now!

Planning Division and School District #2

  • Kids in Motion Curriculum Development and Integration: Brighten the future of Billings’ youth with Kids in Motion and School District #2 through the promotion of transportation education programming in schools! Develop in-class curriculum that increases access to education and student engagement in lower income neighborhoods. Apply Now!

Park & Recreation Department

  • Parkland Gleaning for Food Security: The overall goal of the project is to expand food security resources through the development a method for citizens to propose, build and run varying types of community gardens and mapping food resources available for gleaning throughout the park system to benefit individuals and families experiencing food insecurity. The Parks Department would like to develop a community garden model that is citizen driven similar to the model in New York City or the City of Boise that can be utilized throughout the city. Apply Now!