City of Billings Initiatives

Community Development Division

  • Veterans - Holistic Health Services: This is an opportunity to expand several services for veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and their families. Work with the Community Development Division staff to evaluate the feasibility of creating a Service Corps, support an assistance animal program for disabled service members, and host an on-site commissary event to enhance food security. Apply Now!
  • Food Security & Economic Prosperity via Urban Agriculture: The first year of this three-year, city-wide project begins with a community assessment work to identify current food security assets, needs, benefactors and interests in several innovative initiatives. The VISTA member will conduct outreach, strategic planning and fundraising activities support program development and delivery for priority initiatives including neighborhood and container gardens, xeriscaping / zerogardening, and a seed bank / exchange / library. Apply Now!
  • Impacting Poverty via Economic Opportunity and Fair Housing Choice: For too many people, housing choices can be constrained through discrimination, the operation of housing markets, capital investment choices, regional history / geography, and development patterns of the built environment. These factors contribute to segregation, racially concentrated areas of poverty, and unequal access to vital community assets that shape life outcomes and income status. The overall goal of this project is to develop and implement a statewide plan to overcome barriers to housing choice and promote inclusivity. Apply Now!
  • Billings Metro VISTA Project Leader: Assist the City of Billings Community Development Division and 20+ VISTA members in impacting poverty and developing your skills as a VISTA Leader in Big Sky country! Leaders receive a higher living allowance and are provided with an additional $300 per month housing allowance. Apply Now!

Planning Division and School District #2

  • Kids in Motion Curriculum Development and Integration: Develop in-class curriculum that increases access to education and student engagement in lower income neighborhoods. The project aims to have every child learn transportation skills in a fun, creative, and empowering manner, leading to increased attendance that will result in better educational performance and reduced drop-out rates. Apply Now!