Board of Ethics

  • Meets as needed
  • 5 members, 4 year term

Michael Downing

First term expires 12/31/19
2454 Teton Avenue
Billings MT  59102

Catherine Grott

First term expires 12/31/20
1225 Juniper Drive
Billings MT  59102

Herbert Schiefelbein

First term expires 12/31/17
915 Nutter Blvd.
Billings MT  59105

*Cannot be reappointed when this term expires

Dr. Edward Arnold Jr.

First term expires 12/31/20
1323 Paul Revere Street
Billings, MT 59105

Sandra McKee

First term expires 12/31/18
2901 Monad Road #9
Billings MT  59102

Article 2-721 - 726
The Board of Ethics shall consist of five persons who shall hold no other office or employment under the city. Such members shall be required to be residents of the city. The Mayor shall appoint the members of the board with the consent of the City Council.

The Board of Ethics shall review any allegations that a city official has violated any part of this article. If reasonable grounds are found by the board, it may call a hearing to dispose of the allegation. In addition, the board may hold a hearing after its own investigation if it finds that a person has failed to comply with the provisions of this article.